Creative Cookie Decorator Decorates the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

maple leaves on a Massachusetts state-shaped cookie

Massachusetts state tree: the sugar maple

Elizabeth has been busy in the kitchen creating more delicious cookie designs.  Here, she has baked Massachusetts-shaped cookies and decorated them with colorful icings to depict the state berry, a state tree/product, and the state insect (don’t worry – they’re made of icing: no ladybugs were harmed in the creation of these cookies).  Each cookie has been lovingly decorated by hand, and you can order your own custom cookies from the top of the page or by clicking here.  Thanks for looking and we hope you’re inspired!


Cookie shaped like the state of Massachusetts with candy cranberries

Massachusetts State Berry – Cranberry

Massachusetts state-shaped cookie with candy ladybugs - the state insect

Massachusetts state insect: the Ladybug

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